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WSWG Library Book List 2011

updated 18 August 2012

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WSWG Binder Indexes--Various Tips and Instructions

1. Study Group Notes: Experimenting w/ threadling sequences; 5/2001

2. Origin of Rock Day

3. History of Karakul Sheep

4. Weavers' Wisdom - Monograph 2: the Weavers Guild of Boston

5. Tricks of the Trade

6. Using a Drum Carder

7. Instructions:

a. Washing fleece in washing machine

b. Using Structo Ready-Warped Spools w/ Steel Warp Beam

c. Navajo 3-Ply

d. Andean Plying Bracelet

e. Silk Wrapped yarn

f. Weaving "coded" names

g. A Silk Purse

8. Project Five: 4-harness Interwoven Rose Path

9. Project Six: 4-harness Rose Path in Boundweave

10. Pattern No. 21: 4-harness Honeysuckle

11. Pattern No. 22: 4-harness The Diamond

12. Pattern No. 23: 4-harness Monk's Belt

13. Pattern No. 24: 4-harness Lover's Knot and Whig Rose or Methodist wheel

14. Pattern No. 26: 4-harness Summer and Winter weave designed for Structo 600 Loom

15. Pattern No. 27: 4-harness Double Chariot Wheels or Church Windows

16. Pattern No. 28: 4-harness Double Bow-Knot or Maple Leaf

17. Pattern No. 29: 4-harness Nine Snow Balls

18. Pattern No. 30: 4-harness Governor's Garden or Mountain Cucumber for the Structo 600 Loom

19. Pattern No. 31: 4-harness Queen's Delight for the Structo 600 Loom

20. Pattern No. 32: 4 harness Small Threadings (2) for the Structo 600 Loom

21. Variations on an Overshot Threading

22. One Guild's Story: from founding an organization to building its image

23. Colorful Scarves

24. Book excerpt: ? Organizing a Sampler ?

a. design samples

b. appendix A: suggestions for sampler items

c. appendix B: projects

1. general information

2. 6 shaft: pastel color gamp baby blanket/shawl

3. 6 shaft: color gamp muffler

4. 6 shaft: rainbow quesquemitl

5. 10 shaft: color-and-weave gamp hand towels

6. 4 shaft: color-and-weave weft-faced twill rug

7. weft color order: zigzag twill, straight twill, and broken twill treadlings

8. 12 shaft: fabric for twill sampler sweater

9. 6 shaft: twill sampler placemats

10. 6 shaft: twill gamp afghan

11. 6 shaft: overshot pillows - star fashion, rose fashion, echo, on-opposites, italian fashion, flamepoint "I", petit point "II", lace weave, spetsväv, honeycomb

12. 8 shaft: huckaback sampler placemats

13. 8 shaft: huckaback sampler napkins

14. 8 shaft: lace weave gamp tablecloth

25. Wool Gathering in Wales