Williamsburg Spinners & Weavers Guild

Photo Gallery

Photographs of WSWG members participating in spinning and weaving activities appear on pages linked to the topics below. Click on the title to see the photos. Each of the small photos ("thumbnails") on the pages can be clicked to bring up larger photographs.

Chesapeake Sheep-to-Shawl Competition 2004

Celia Quinn Spinning Workshop 2004

Fiber Arts of Southeast Asia--Marianne Henderson

Chesapeake Heritage Arts Festival--November 2007

WSWG members teach small visitors to weave! The photograph with lots of small squares is all of the coasters that the small weavers made in two days—about 45 in all.   Not a bad weekend’s work. Look at the pictures HERE.

Midatlantic Quilt and Fiber Festival--February 2008

Several spinners and weavers appeared at the Midatlantic Quilt and Fiber Festival in Hampton VA. See our photo gallery HERE

May 2008--Guild members met at Rosalie's in Mathews, for the monthly Bash. See the photos HERE

June 2008--Guild members met at Pam's in Mathews, for the annual Picnic. See the photos HERE

September 2008--Guild hosts Sharon Alderman for a program and 2.5 day workshop on Structure of Weaves. See the PHOTOS.

October 2008--Guild members enter Virginia State Fair: Micki Decker wins two championship ribbons. See the PHOTOS.

December 2008--Guild members hold annual Holiday Party and Fashion Show. See the PHOTOS.

May 2009--Guild members met at Rosalie's in Mathews, for the Annual Picnic (and a yarn dyeing workshop). See the PHOTOS